Climate Actions for Rivers and Parks in Rome

The rivers of Rome are the protagonists of an important project between art, environment and science created by the artist Andreco.

Flumen, Climate Actions for parks and rivers in Rome, a project between Art and Science, conceived by Andreco, the artist/engineer who specializes in environmental sustainability, is promoted by the cultural association Climate Art Project.

The first event will take place on the 18th of September at 10 am: The public are invited by Flumen and Arpa Lazio to continue in the project of testing the water from the river Tiber which began in July. Together with the researchers, the participants will test and analyze the water fron  Tiber.

Arpa Lazio will collect the analysis and the “raw data” to be used as a starting point for the comparison of the data obtained during the research phase. The organization of some participatory monitoring days will allow the public to follow and learn about the different phases and techniques used in the sampling process of the water and soil  by taking an active part in the research work.

The dates in September:

On Saturday 19th of September 2020, from 10am to 3.30pm, in the Veio Park (Municipio XIV), a guided tour for the public will be held in the fields of the structure curated by the Climate Art Project Association and CSA -Semi di Comunità. There will be a public meeting focusing on new sustainable practices in agriculture and the Agroforest, expedient agroforestry practices that make it possible to integrate agricultural production with the presence of forests for the absorption of CO2.  A collective lunch will be offered made from organic vegetables grown in the park.

The focal point of Flumen is the IV Municipio of Rome, in particular the areas of the Aniene, the Tiber and the Veio Park. Meetings, expeditions, performances, exhibitions, workshops will involve adults, children and teenagers in a project  to discover the river ecosystem that characterizes and makes their city special, in a collective experience in contact with the nature. The first year of the project will be dedicated to collecting data, analysing and monitoring water and the surrounding terrain. Then it will proceed with the reclamation and redevelopment of the areas through planting campaigns and finally it will rediscover expedient agroforestry practices in an outlook aimed at looking to the future, predominantly with future generations in mind.

Art and science will try to interact to imagine different worlds and build a sense of awareness for city dwellers to reinvent the future together in a way that places life and its complexities as the focus of attention.

This project, which combines two supposedly incompatible worlds with the aim of focusing attention on the condition of rivers and parks in Rome, is the winner of the Public Notice  EUREKA! ROMA2020-2021-2022. The project is also part of ROMARAMA 2020, the cultural programme promoted by Roma Capitale, and has been realised in partnership with important  artistic and scientific networks: CNR IRET – Università degli Studi La Sapienza, Università Roma TRE, MAXXI- Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Azienda Speciale Palaexpo, Fondazione Baruchello, Insieme per l’AnieneOnlus, CSA-Semi di Comunità, Fondazione smART – polo per l’arte, ARPA LAZIO, Agenda Tevere e Contratto di Fiume Tevere, Joint Cultural Initiatives

For Info and to make reservations, contact: Climate Art Project – 3209440741 –

Press office: Santa Nastro: +39 3201122513